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The most widely used JavaScript library at the moment is jQuery. It is a JavaScript package designed to make front-end HTML manipulation code simpler. This library is commonly used for modifying websites, responding to user interactions, obtaining data from servers, creating effects and animations, and many other things. Widely used in digital audio, video & web browsing, the several plugins are used to extend jQuery's prototype object or it works as a software component that Installing allows users to handle stuff that the browser can't natively handle. Of course, these plugins are a great help for web designers so, here the Best Web Designing Company in Tricity is going to highlight the plugins. Let's have a look now!!

1 TwentyTwenty

Starting with TwentyTwenty, is a clean & easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to compare & showcase the difference between two images side by side. This plugin makes it simple for web designers to construct draggable image sliders.

2. Face Detection

Face Detection is a jQuery plugin that returns the coordinates of the faces in the images & it is a computer technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images. Web designers can conveniently use this plugin's wraps functionality within the first two JavaScript files, & returns an array of objects which represent the coordinates of the faces within the photo.

3. Titled Page Scroll

Titled page scroll is a great-looking effect & again it's a very easy plugin to use for web designers which helps to create a beautiful scrolling effect & turn a simple layout website into something surprising. This plugin creates shadows that seem lifelike & ideal for creating captivating demonstrations & landing sites.

4. Magnific Popup

Amazingly, Magnific Popup is a fast, light, mobile-friendly & responsive lightbox & modal dialog jQuery plugin which is focused on performance & providing the best experience for users with any device. This is a variation of common ways of displaying images or text in a modal window built using the jQuery plugin.

5. Lettering.js

Coming to last but not least excellent list of jQuery plugins - Lettering.js; web designers can find it a powerful jQuery web type plugin for kerning type, editorial design & complete down-to-letter control. It allows web designers to target individual letters in a title, headline, or any other text which saves their time & effort.

Give all of them a try now!!

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