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Fortec Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is one of the best and most creative digital marketing company in Mohali,Chandigarh. We specialize in helping clients nationwide with our digital marketing efforts. Our digital marketing company creates an impressive digital marketing strategy to help your business to grow and to achieve your goals. We endeavor customized digital marketing services and a digital marketing plan that aligns with your exclusive business requirements. We interpret your market presence and business goals to develop digital marketing strategies that speak volumes and promise a higher conversion rate.

Everyone wants to increase their business, increase organic leads, and want to boost their online presence in today’s online market. Thus they look for the best digital marketing company that can administer them guaranteed solutions. As one of the leading IT Company in Mohali we promise to deliver exceptional services that can produce excellent results. We provide various digital marketing services i.e. SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC, lead generation, and Content Writing services. Fortec Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. engraves your mark in the marketing industry with precise sales strategies, promotion, personalization, and right marketing campaigns on various digital marketing platforms.

Services We Offer

Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Best Digital Marketing Company in Mohali. We endeavor our clients 360 degrees of the best digital marketing services in all verticals. We provide services in –


SEM (i.e. Search Engine Marketing) has become one of the effective online marketing strategies for the outstretch of a business. Most of the consumers these days are shopping and searching for products online. Our services can help increase the visibility of a website on search engine result pages (i.e. SERPs).


SMO (i.e. Social Media Optimization) helps you to manage your social media websites. This technique helps you to find the best way to endeavor quality emphasis in terms of giving out one of the best possible ways for your company to reach the people.


SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) helps your brand to appear on top search results on Google. This may help you to grab your existing customers and thus enhance your ranking on various search engines.


SMM (i.e. Social Media Marketing) aims at a higher audience engagement through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media.

Content Writing

Our team of professional content writers is creative enough to catch the attention of readers through their words. Hire us today and get top-quality SEO content writing services for your website.


PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is one of the digital marketing strategies that are a good value for money. This digital marketing strategy can help you to advertise your brand by allowing you to explore various types of paid advertising.

Lead Generation

This digital marketing strategy entails attracting and converting prospects into buyers who are interested in your products and services. With our digital marketing strategy, we drive quality leads to your business.

How do we work in Digital Marketing ?

We are among one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Mohali Chandigarh offering our clients affordable digital marketing solutions. Since our establishment, we have built a strong and reliable company with our unique approach and vast market experience. We employ all our experience to benefit a business transformation into a renowned brand step by step. With a focused work approach, we benefit our clients solve the most complex business problem with great ease.

Analyze the project

Firstly, we analyze your project, its current market value, competitors, and its future goals.

Searching for the unique ideas

We think out-of-the-box digital marketing ideas that can benefit you to reach your full potential.

Start optimization

Lastly, we start implementing the digital marketing ideas and plans set up to optimize your business website.

Reaching your target

We cover each possible aspect of digital marketing to reach the target audience and to see your post in the #1 position

How can we help an individual to boost their business ?

Since we live in the digital world and understand “Digitalisation”. Every digital marketing solution of us is designed by keeping a few key elements in our mind for the digital business plans of our clients. We figure out things and customize our unique solutions keeping your business goals, the present stage in the digital world, and the competitive landscape in mind. Our team of digital marketing experts is proficient in escalating your brand to newer heights. Without a doubt, Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is among one of the best digital marketing Company in Mohali that cater to your marketing requirements. We plan out a digital marketing strategy based upon the data analytics of the present and future digital properties of a website. With our creative, unique, and result-oriented digital marketing solutions, we make sure that you will –

Get more engagement

We make sure that with digital marketing strategies you get more and more engagement through our digital marketing services.

Help to make more sales

We will benefit you to convert the maximum possible leads into sales so that you can grow companies revenue and your business goals

Build your brand awareness

We help your brand get identified nationally and internationally. To implement this we will create special marketing campaigns for you.

Upskill your team

Through our outstanding digital marketing services, you can upskill your team

Need to choose Us

Why does one need to choose us?

We are one of the trusted digital marketing company in Mohali with the aspiration to create value for your business. Our digital marketing services revamp your marketing approach. We offer our clients –

  • High customer retention rate

    We have a 100% retention rate. Customer loyalty is priceless and is very important for us. We are earning our customer's loyalty day by day with our outstanding services

  • Ability to meet deadlines

    We are 100% clear on when work needs to be completed. These deadlines benefit us to collaborate toward achieving a shared goal.

  • Having a professional team member

    We have well-focused and creative team members. They are very passionate about growing professionally for your business.