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An effective way to promote customer engagement and enhance brand recognition

Are you looking for custom mobile app development services for addressing your business requirement? Partnering with Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can enable you to drive your ideas towards achieving a new height with an ideal impact. Our profound knowledge of mobile technologies and various frameworks benefit us to explore more business prospects. Mobile apps are one of the most compelling ways to enhance customer engagement and enhance brand recognition. We design and develop cutting-edge applications suited to your business needs. We build and test them to run seamlessly across various mobile devices, from mini smartphones to large tablets.


We develop a user-friendly mobile app for your business

Looking for a Mobile App Development Company?

Having an app for your business makes your business operations even stronger and enhances the overall performance of your app. It can create robust connections with your existing customers and entice new customers as well. We at Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. develop both iOS and Android apps keeping in mind all your business requirements. Developing a business app can create more business options in this global marketplace. Our professional developers endeavor to develop apps for your business that gives you the ultimate business growth.

Mobile App Ideas

Offering customized mobile app solutions for customers

We customize mobile applications according to your specific requirements and preferences. No matter if the development is nascent, medium or in the last stage, we safeguard that the app is reviewed and built perfectly filled with ace features. At Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., you can hope for 100% satisfaction and a long-term relationship.

UX/UI Design

Our highly experienced mobile app developers help you offer an exceptional user experience via a mobile app with a unique interface. We personalize the UX/UI design as required by leveraging user data to display relevant content and output on the mobile screen. By offering an exceptional interface, you can form a strong clientele base


We design mobile apps incorporating scalability and interoperability at the beginning and implement technology to add value to your app as and when required without affecting the user experience. During the final phase of marketing your mobile app, you can be fully assured of its reliability..


Every mobile app development project demands certain security and compliance features that our mobile app developers can include the way you want. We safeguard the safety of data that you may exchange with other mobile apps or websites. This improves app stability and gives protection to data that you send and receive from various other devices

Time Delivery

As we value the time of our customers, we do the essential modifications and develop and deliver your app quickly with no compromise on quality and functioning. From interface designing to development to testing and deployment, we carry out the whole application development process in the least possible time.

Mobile App Development - For Native and Hybrid Platform Solutions

We can administer you one of the best mobile app development teams in India who cynosure on the latest technologies and administer industry-specific services to our client.

Android Development

Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best mobile app development Company in Mohali that can build high-end Native Android Applications compatible with all types of smartphones. Tablets, or Android TV. Your business can reach worldwide customers through these high-end quality applications.

iOS Development

In recent times Apple devices are accessible to many individuals due to their different types of models. So to reach all types of customers your application should be the version that will be available on iTunes. We are making mobile apps using various latest technologies such as Swift, Cocoa, Objective C, etc. to make your application user-friendly and easily available on iPhones and iPads.


We can be your final destination for making top-notch Hybrid Mobile Applications that will run on various devices that fit their operations systems. It is highly favored in recent times to save time and cost for development.

The procedure that one needs to follow for mobile app development

The procedure that one needs to follow for the development of a mobile app include -

Conceptualization -

Our mobile app development process commences by defining your goals concerning the app. The analysis process revolves around determining the necessary factors for perceiving your mobile app strategy properly.

Design and development -

Depending on the inputs collected in the earlier phase, our expert mobile app developers design the user interface mockups accordingly. Once the client approves the design, we cynosure on programming the functional app by integrating the admissible features.

Strategic Planning -

In this phase, we focus on extensive planning. Our experienced mobile app developers readily concentrate on some compelling provisions such as app features, data requirements, and UI design at this stage.

Quality Check -

For delivering an error-free final product, we arrange a quality check process. When it comes to app development, a wide-ranging technical appraisal is required. We conduct this phase to safeguard that the app is bug-free with minimum risk of crashing.

Distribution -

The prepared application needs to be distributed in the pertinent app store so as to reach out to the target users. Sit back and relax while our skilled developer team makes it certain that the app developed is properly listed.

Post Distribution Support -

The launched app requires nourishment at a regular interval owing to the changes introduced to the OS version and hardware features. Our dedicated team ensures that the developed app is working properly and efficiently.

Mobile Apps

Services and Experience

Managing your online business with mobile apps

  • With the rise of digitalization, the number of smartphone users has also increased promptly. And because of this, the global marketplace is experiencing an immense increase in the number of smartphone apps that consumers use daily. Average people spend hours accessing various mobile apps to access information or to avail on-demand services. Due to this reason, mobile applications play an instrumental role in digital interaction. So, businesses that don’t use the power of digitalization simply fail to unlock their potential.

  • Offering services or selling products through various mobile apps can be an excellent approach to do your business in a hassle-free way. As most of your potential customers are searching you there online. A fully functioning mobile app can help businesses to increase their reach and retain customers regardless of their type. This is not like only big brands require mobile apps to run their business. Even small and medium enterprises are also following the trend and making the most out of it.

Let us Help you Build an Industry-Specific Mobile App as Per your Business Needs.