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Software Development

You Do Not Need a Developer; You Need a Partner Who Cares for Your Online Presence as Much as You Do

Our software development company in Mohali has a team of abundance mindset. We believe that our client’s success is directly proportional to our success. Our aim is to involve our clients completely in the developing process, and we achieve that by building their knowledge base. This helps us in the long run. Our aim is not just to be hired, but a better business partner.

We have a team a well-experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative strategists, designers, and developers at our disposal to bring life to your ideas. As a profound software development company in Mohali, Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. is committed to developing high-end software packages that keep your audience hooked straight into it.
Whether you need to develop a customized software solution to enhance your business efficiencies, reinforce in-house developers, or build a minimum viable product to get the audience’s attention, feel free to call us!

Software Development Necessity in Today's Digital Era

Software Development is a collection of programs and instructions, designed using a suitable coding language, which allows a digital machine (computers, smartphones, etc.) to perform various operations. Today, the software is used in every sector and business, be it a restaurant, transportation, courier services, sports, education, banks, and the list is never-ending.

  1. 1

    System Software – Core functionalities, such as disk management, operating system, hardware management, utilities, etc. are managed through system software.

  2. 2

    Programming Software – These applications provide crucial programming tools comprising compiler, text editors, debuggers, linkers, and more, to developers to write programming codes.

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    Application Software – These applications direct computers to perform several tasks commanded by the user. It includes a database management system, office suits, media players, gaming programs, security programs, and more. Web applications are also numbered in application software packages.

Our Iterative Software Development Approach

At Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd., our dedicated team of developers follows an iterative software development process. This approach allows us to have significant flexibility and eliminates any inefficiency present in the traditional models. Our approach also breaks down the process into smaller cycles, allowing us to maintain transparency with our clients, respond immediately to feedback, clarify requirements, and make gradual changes with each cycle completed.

Scope & Requirement Identification –

The scope & requirement specification phase needs more client participation than any other stage. In this phase, an ample amount of transparency is required to make sure that our developers understand your business goals, product vision, and expectations.

Delivery & Client Testing –

In the delivery & client testing phase, we send the final product to the clients for user testing and submit requests for any final changes. We send the source code, software documentation, user manuals, etc. to the client.

Development & Internal Testing –

In the development & internal testing phase, we design and develop a dummy version known as your software’s initial version. Following that, we perform internal testing on our end and jot down the reviews. This phase is mainly focused on ensuring the product meets your needs and passes our pre-defined quality standards.

Architecture & Design –

In the architecture & design phase, our reliable team of developers and designers create a product definition to convert the project into a working plan.

Maintenance –

After delivery, our job is not done. We periodically check for compatibility issues, detect bugs, fix them, get your customers’ reviews, etc. to ensure that your software always runs smoothly and error-free.

Some of the Software Niches We Work on Includes –

Food Delivery Application
Doctor Application
Pharmacy Application
Courier Management
Media & Entertainment Application
Hostel Management Software
Real Estate Portal
Human Resource Management System
School & Library Management
Banking & Financial System
Inventory Management