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Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. Analyses Your Business Closely And Develops Web And Application-Based Customer Relationship Management Solution. So, As The Best Provider Of CRM Software Company In Mohali, You Can Attract, Handle, And Provide The Best Experience To Your Clients.

CRM Solution We Deliver

  • Mobile Application on Android and iOS
  • Website with Backend
  • Cloud-Based Software

Top-Quality CRM Software company in Mohali – Manage & Track your Clients with Clicks

Maintaining client records and all the customer data in one place and sustaining the system with the utmost security and privacy can be a challenging task. There were days when misplacing data, unsatisfied customers, and unable to understand clients’ behaviour towards your products and services were common problems an organization faced. Today, these issues are resolved by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Understanding the necessity of maintaining the customer relationship and handling data, Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. takes pride in designing and developing web and app-based CRM solutions as a CRM software company in Mohali. Integrating a cloud-based CRM is an excellent solution for any enterprise as this type of CRM solution can boost Return on Investment by 245%.

Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. Develops Best-in-Class CRM Solution & Modules

Marketing Automation Module

  • Marketing List Management
  • Analyzing your requirements and offering numerous solution.
  • Generate and Send Messages
  • Manage Workflow
  • Lead Registration
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Execution
  • Marketing Reporting

Sales Automation Module

  • Sales data
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales tracking
  • Sales process management
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Sales literature
  • Quotes

Ordering, Processing, and Reporting Module

  • Product Catalog
  • Sales and Purchase Order
  • Quotes and Invoices
  • Discount and Credit Notes
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Bills and Payments

Customer Service Module

  • Case Management
  • 360-Degree View of Customer Information
  • Email Management
  • Service Scheduling
  • Searchable Information
  • Service contracts

Returns and Claims Module

  • Returns and Claims Handling
  • Registration of Causes and Solution
  • Statistics on Returns and Claims
  • Handling Queries
  • Analysis and Reporting on Returns
Analytical Customer Relationship Management

Custom Analytical CRM software company in Mohali makes it easy for admin to analyze the data, extract meaningful information for generating reports, and eventually make beneficial decisions. It gives you a quick analysis of all the functions you are looking for.

Operational Customer Relationship Management

Our developers can build custom Operational CRM for your business and integrate it with three primary components: marketing, sales, and support. In this CRM, the business owner will be the admin who can evaluate every aspect of the operational dashboard, such as summarizing the status, creating a strategy, automating sales force, automating marketing operations, and much more.

Collaborative Customer Relationship Management

If your enterprise regularly collaborates with external stakeholders, partners, or vendors, then having a Collaborative CRM is a go-to option for you. It allows your associators to access valuable client data with just a few clicks.

Things That Our CRM Software Solution Improves


Fortec Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. keens to develop a CRM software that will drastically enhance your sales performance and accelerate profitable sales strategy by engaging with customers with more efficacy. You can keep track of customers’ purchasing histories and list down potential leads, upsell opportunities. The software also helps you find out your valuable customers and incorporate a customer reward system to boost engagement and sales.


Conduct marketing campaigns that boost online and offline marketing by combining marketing strategies with our CRM software. Make people aware of your newly-launched products and services and discount offers through tactics and enhance sales in return. Tell your sales team to work with other teams to streamline processes.


Using CRM for data security means all your business insights and customer information are centralized at one location rather than separately kept in different machines and devices. It offers an impenetrable line of defense that helps prevent any data loss. You can provide access to only limited and trusted employees to avoid security breaches.


Our CRM software solution aligns customer needs and requirements to different resources, improving customer service to new limits. It also helps to list your most valued customers and their purchasing history to build a customer reward system. You can also take care of customer reviews and problems they may face with your products.

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