What is Social Media Optimization?

In the era of the advanced marketing world, the power of social media optimization (SMO) services for business marketing and success is not hidden. Now the question arises: what is Social Media? How it can help you to enhance your business? These days every business requires 100% support from a reliable social media platform that is capable of generating web traffic, brand awareness, and later on generating new leads. We design our social media marketing service to help all small and big scale businesses. For new businesses, Social Media Marketing (SMM) works like a rocket to boost brand awareness.

Social Media Optimization
SMO Approach

Our SMO Approach

  • Our social media strategists make strategies based on your business objectives with various innovative and efficient approaches and guidelines.
  • Help in proper management of your brand on various social media platforms for targeted customers.
  • Help in proper monitoring and reputation maintenance of your brand.
  • Manage your brand in terms of profiles on various social media platforms i.e. social marketing with security and privacy.
  • Help in managing content, blogs, Ads, etc. with innovative and interesting ideas for more interactions and customer awareness.
  • Help in proper reporting and analysis of data for marketing, cross channel promotion of brand for more awareness.

What is the importance of Social Media Optimization for your business?

Most marketers are recognizable with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to some extent. The search engines such as Google and Bing are providing a supporting hand for various marketing campaigns which is one of the most successful marketing strategies. Social Media Optimization (i.e. SMO) is a growing buzzword and is considered one of the top marketing strategies by the business to reach the maximum number of potential customers. SMO cynosure on optimizing your social media presence on the web for optimal traffic.

SMO Importance

SMO Services We Offer

As a part of our social media marketing service we administer help and guidance with:

Social Media Consultancy

We assist our clients to plan a professional SMO strategy based on their end goals. This service helps them when they already have an in-house marketing team that just requires guidance. We help our clients to build their social media presence on the web by applying our best approach.

Brand Management

We will take care of our client's brand dignity and make their brand one of the best brands on various social media channels. As your brand name is necessary to boost your business.

Social Media Monitoring

We endeavor full-time monitoring of our client’s social network accounts and take care of who is talking about and what they are. We always ensure that our client’s are always ahead of the conversation, and are always ready to contribute whenever they need us.

Social PR

We have close relationships and contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers, bloggers, journalists, and influencers. These close relationships can in turn help us to make a bridge so that offline and online content gets the coverage it deserves

Creative Discussion

Our social media experts will assist you to create fast, reactive updates that completely hits the mark. We spark a further conversation that gets your brand coverage outside of your immediate industry.

Reporting & Analysis

Owe love data and our social media reporting will help our client’s identify and inform future activity not only in their social media circle but across all social media marketing channels.

Important Features of SMO

As we all know apart from Search Engine optimization and email marketing, one can boost traffic on its website via Social Media Optimization (i.e. SMO).
As we all know, a huge amount of people use various social media platforms and are active in various communities over the internet. SMO increases the visibility of your website on various social media platforms. .
In the past companies marketed their product via emails. But these days all the firms have joined with various social media platforms to market and popularize their product or website which can lead to a lot of traffic.
Every company which is delivering efficient customer service needs popularity amongst the consumers. Our SMO services can help firms in gaining an ample amount of popularity that benefits them accordingly.
If a customer can reach the company easily from a social media platform and his question or query gets resolved instantly, then this may help in building trust and satisfaction of the customer.
We can target a limited amount of audience by customizing our approach which can lead to the perfection of the process. We can advertise to a small or limited audience and help you to reach out to global customers as well. .
Last but not least, our well-experienced SMO professionals will optimize your social media profiles with relevant tags, titles, descriptions, etc. Each social media channel has a distinct search process, and our team has expertise in it. This will improve your brands’ overall visibility.

Why choose Fortec Web Solutions as your SMO partner?

Being one of the prominent names in the SMO service industry, we at Fortec Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assure that our customers excel in whatever services they avail from us. We offer one of the best social media optimization services in Mohali and Chandigarh. Some of the benefits they will get for choosing us as their SMO partners are -

Customized Marketing Strategies

Our expert team will create an exemplary social media marketing strategy suitable for your business requirements and needs. We do in-depth analysis and research and then build a perfect social media marketing strategies to meet goals. Our social media marketing strategies will give your company an edge over the others as far as social media marketing is concerned

Campaign Tracking

Observing and enhancing the click-through rates, website’s engagement over the internet and amongst the users, audience response and reach.

Social Media Reputation

We observe the social sentiment of the audience, the feedback given by them, and the reviews written by them

Competitors Analysis

We believe in constant analysis of the market, of the competitors, of the new technology they are adapting, and how we can outperform our competitors

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