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How Much Does It Cost to Design a Mobile App? | Fortec Web Solutions

Incredibly, 60% of consumers prefer shopping via mobile apps and traditional sites due to excellent user experience & quick access. Of course, buying online products via online is nowadays popular among millennials & Gen Z, all these push business owners to take their business on digital platforms, provide users to shop for their products online & ultimately, assist them to generate more return on investment (ROI). Ultimately, apps are important for expanding the business reach while delivering related & massive exposure to the brand. Being a business owner, are you worried about, "how much it cost to design a mobile app?" Let's take a deep dive into Fortec Web Solutions or the Best Mobile App Development Company in Chandigarh.

Quick Guide to Factors that Decide the Cost of App Design

The following are the factors responsible for the app pricing:

  • Desired App Platform
  • UI/UX Design
  • Country-wise Comparison or Presence of IT Team
  • Visual & Graphic Elements
  • Functionality of App


How do the Above Factors Contribute to Deciding the App Price?

1. Desired App Platform

First of all, decide in which technology, you want to create your business app like Android & iOS, both platforms have different design & development processes. There is a minor difference between the UI design of android & iOS, however, there is a differentiation in their development cost. For instance, android development’s approximate cost is $500-1000/hr & iOS development cost $400-900/hr, however, this cost varies.

2.UI/UX Design

The next in line, the UI/UX design & its complexity levels contribute to deciding the development cost of the app. For this, the apps fall under the three categories like simple apps, average & high complexity apps. Taking them one by one, simple apps are easy to design, and require fewer animations & screens, on the other hand, average complexity apps require medium complexity to meet the Google Material Design Principle, and last but not the least, high complexity apps. Discussing about the development cost then simple app design asks for $25-50/hr, average app design $100-400/hr & complex app design $ Additionally, contact Mobile App Development Company in Tricity to get a free estimation of your business or service app.

3.Country-wise Comparison or Presence of IT Team

Beyond the above factors, the location of the developer & designer team matters the most & plays the role of the major contributor to deciding the app price. The price depends on when you hire an in-house team, outsourcing experts, or a freelancer & as per their location, for instance, the US experts may charge you approx. $100-150/hr & in India, you get affordable IT solutions like $10-100/hr therefore, consider this important point & wisely choose right app development partner like Fortec Web Solutions.

4. Visual & Graphic Elements

The eye-catchy colours & UI mock-ups are important to appeal to your customers when they use your app. Hire professional designers to create excellent visual & graphic elements for your app like the right colours, typography, UI mock-ups, icons, logos, vectors, gifs & overall layout & flow. All these require professionalism, time, and effort to make the app presentable among users, reflect your business accurately & beat competitors.

5. Functionality of App

There is no doubt that if your business app requires more functionality then the more it will be expensive. On the other hand, if you are strict on a budget then go for the essential features of the app like user log in, search & sorting. Talking about the ideal features of the app then it should have a user-friendly interface, chat/calling functions, search or filter options, security & privacy options, multifactor authentication, automatic speech recognition, & targeted push notifications, etc.


Keep in mind all the above considerations while designing & developing your business app & stands out from your competitors. In addition to this, there are some other factors that also impact the cost of your app such as market research, user perception, competitor’s analysis, wireframes, prototypes, coding, testing & launching therefore, choose a trusted IT partner to start your project & achieve success.

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