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Are You Familiar With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

A Google study once found that 53% of website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 23 seconds to load. According to a 2020 study, mobile traffic has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011. Of course, with more & more consumers using their mobile phones to access content, optimize for user experience & lower bounce rates. There starts the role of Google AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is a tool or technology used to create a cleaner & faster mobile experience for visitors to your website. Originally introduced to the digital marketing world in 2016, Google AMP is an HTML framework that allows publishers to create quick-loading copies of web pages for mobile, improve user experience & help remove SEO complications. Ask the leading Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh for transforming the user's experience via Google AMP.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP is probably more prevalent than you realize that is an open-source, website-publishing technology that enables you to create a website that loads almost instantly on mobile devices. You will find it compatible with many major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC browser, Edge & Safari. The 4 types of Google AMP include websites/web pages, stories, ads & emails.

How to Use Google AMP Successfully?

  • Implement AMP pages properly.
  • Ensure that AMP pages are indexable, crawlable, and linked to canonical pages.
  • Make AMP pages that are responsive.
  • Now, use the AMP test tool whether your AMP page is valid.
  • Maintain a consistent user interface across the AMP and non-AMP versions of the page.
  • Keep the UI consistent across the AMP & non-AMP versions of the page.
  • Maintain consistency in structured data markup across the AMP and non-AMP versions of the page.
  • Follow the guidelines of AMP logo guidelines.
  • Avoid including AMP URLs in your XML sitemap.

What are the Benefits of AMP?

Following are the benefits of using AMP that make it worth your efforts:

  • AMP enables a faster loading page for mobile users.
  • Contribute to search engine rankings.
  • AMP pages contribute to increased visibility for publishers.
  • AMP aims to support a range of ad networks, formats & technologies.
  • They are prioritized in Google's search rankings & contribute to rankings.
  • Google AMP contributes to increased ROI on the advertisement.

What are the 4 Types of Google AMP?

Let's take a closer look at each type of Google AMP:

1. Google AMP Websites/Web Pages

Google AMP website is just an HTML copy of a website that is more streamlined & loads almost instantly on mobile devices.

2. Google AMP Stories

Google AMP stories allow you to share your visual narratives on social media.

3. Google AMP Ads

Google AMP ads are revolutionizing the way businesses create & deliver ads online. Consequently, Google AMP ads load up to five seconds faster than regular ads on AMP pages.

4. Google AMP Emails

Google AMP emails contain dynamic content, components that users can interact with directly within an email message, providing a richer & more streamlined experience for users.

Are You Using the Google AMP for Your Website?

Take the major benefit of Google AMP that allows you to give mobile users a lightning-fast & more engaging experience. The goal of this tool is to create simple mobile websites that load almost instantly. So, give your users the most amazing experience with the affordable technical assistance of Fortec Web Solutions or the Best Digital Marketing Company in Mohali regarding Google AMP.

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